• 01-10-2009
      • 16:30
      • Auditori Meliá Sitges
      • 118

ALIEN (Alien, el octavo pasajero)

de Ridley Scott


It was the late seventies and the father of the creature wasn’t more than an up-and-coming talent who had just presented his first film in Cannes. Ridley Scott surprised one and all with one of the most revolutionary films in science fiction. He engendered a mythical space ship –the Nostromo—, an upright, resistant heroine –a Sigourney Weaver who repeats in this edition with Ghostbusters— and a terrifying monster. Scott didn’t have enough with this claustrophobic birth and three years later he was already contributing again to the genre that’s given him the most stripes with Blade Runner. Then the sequels came from Cameron, Jeunet and Fincher, but they were never better.


Ridley Scott

United Kingdom, 1937. Director and producer with a long career. He started off in television. In the late seventies he took the leap to cinema and shot his two key movies: Alien (79) and Blade Runner (82).

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Edition: 2009
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