Valhalla Rising

de Nicolas Winding Refn



  A mute, one-eyed man of superhuman strength is being held captive by a clan of warriors. When he manages to break free, he teams up with a group of Christian Vikings headed for the Holy Land. A boy accompanies him on the way. For Danish  director Nicolas Winding Refn (doubling up at  Sitges’09 with Bronson), art is an act of violence that inspires our minds and that’s exactly what he’s achieved with Valhalla Rising, his most personal work to date. An audiovisual experience, structured in six parts, which moves with the strength of its images, intrigues with its immersion in the unknown and overwhelms with its disquieting score.


Nicolas Winding Refn

Copenhagen, 1970. His taste for combining beauty and violence has made him one of the most relevant contemporary filmmakers, thanks to movies like Pusher (96), Valhalla Rising (09), Drive (11) or Only God Forgives (13). Last year he was awarded the Sitges Time Machine. 

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English