Yona Yona Penguin

de Rintaro



Dressed in the penguin costume her father gave her, little Coco has become obsessed with the idea of flying. During one of her many nighttime getaways, a strange cat mistakes her for a legendary heroine and takes her to his world, the world of elves, where everyone hopes she will help them get rid of a terrible threat. As Japanese animation blows out its fifty candles, maestro Rintaro joins the party with a marvelous children’s tale, completely computer generated and in exquisite 3D, with which he once again pays a warm tribute to Osamu Tezuka and where everything is color and fantasy. A delight for kids and grownups.



He began his career in the animation world at 17, working at Toei Animation. During the 60’s he was involved in several projects for the brilliant Osamu Tezuka’s production company like AstroBoy or Kimba The White Lion. Select filmography: Metrópolis (2001), Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (1988)

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: SE - Anima't nens
Original language: Japanese, French