The year is 2041. Alex, a brilliant and irreverent machine designer, returns to the town where he grew up accompanied by nothing more than a tin cat. His goal: to complete an unfinished project and create a boy robot. His obstacle: a painful reunion with Lana, his old love, now married to his brother David. Eva, David and Lana’s rebellious daughter, winds up captivating Alex, who uses her as a model for his daring project. Debut director Kike Maillo delves into a future that combines vintage aesthetics with elegant visual effects and an astonishing snowy landscape. A thriller with a deep meaning and a stunning finale.


Kike Maíllo

He debuted in feature length with Eva (11), the film that opened Sitges that year and which earned him the Goya Award for Best New Director. He also directed Toro (16) and the animated series Arròs covat.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Opening Film
Original language: Spanish, Catalan