Ninja Kids!!! (Nintama Rantaro)

de Takashi Miike


Imagine a TV show for kids that’s broadcasted over a thousand episodes and doesn’t look anywhere near ending. Imagine a boy who has to face his first year at a ninja school. Imagine Harry Potter passed through the always radical Takashi Miike’s filter. The result of all this is way beyond imagination and answers to the name of Nintama Rantaro, a big budget movie that adapts Soubee Amako’s highly successful manga. Flying daggers, a substantial variety of blows and a powerful visual universe in a film that’s chock full of action, magic and madcap humor.


Takashi Miike

One of the most prolific Japanese directors of his generation, he is an institution in Sitges. He holds the Time Machine and won awards for Agitator (2001), Gozu (2003) and God's Puzzle (2008).

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Japanese