BRIGADOON 08 OCT: Carne cruda, Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy & The terror group


15:00 Homenatge a Juan Piquer Simón. Mil gritos tiene la noche (1982, Juan Piquer Simón) 90’A series of brutal murders start to occur at a university in the USA. Based on these events, the police infiltrate a woman to investigate the death of the young students.

17:00 Presentació del llibre “Spanish Explotation”. 45’Amb la presència del autor Víctor Matellano.

18:00 Estrena Documental. The terror group (2011, Joanne Belluco) 50’What do Álex de la Iglesia, Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, J.A. Bayona, Nacho Cerdà, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo or Guillém Morales have in common? An X-ray of Spanish horror and fantasy cinema with the participation of its most outstanding representatives.Con la presencia de Joanne Belluco.

19:15 Presentació “Psicópatas en serie”. Jordi Batet y Rafael Dalmau. Las 50 mentes más perturbadas del cine. 45’Amb la presència dels autors.

20:30 Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy—Primer passi. 71’

8, Raúl CerezoAt the age of 8, a boy’s will, discipline and personality start to take shape and the distinction between good and evil begins to define itself. It is finally time to see our desire fulfilled. His desire. He remains silent. You’re invited.

Agustín del futuro, Pablo HernandoAgustín had a dream. Now he only has a phone.

Grasman, David GalánMeet Grasman, the superhero with the deadliest weapons, and experience his adventures defending his town, Magro City, from super-villains like Mr. Fiber the dietician.

Inquietos, Sergio Manuel SánchezMatías gets ready to cross a solitary park in the middle of the night when he runs into a mysterious girl who appears to need help.

Sabrina, Sergio ColmenarAn unexpected love triangle means a tough and, literally, stinky dilemma for a simple boy who was only looking for a little company.

La granja, Ignacio SerraJoaquín and Eva, two Civil Guards, are covering the night shift during the town’s festivities. Everything is moving along normally until Paco, “the pig guy”, shows up at the station stunned and explaining a bizarre story.

Luz, Pablo AragüésLuz would give anything to change her life.

22:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Carne cruda (2011, Tirso Calero) 90’Quico and Andrés sell apartments. A weekend in the country leads them to fall into the clutches of a cannibal sect headed by Maruxa, an ex-hippy and a specialist in preparing human kebabs. To kill or die of hunger? That will be the question…Amb la presència de Tirso Calero.

00:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Necronos-Tower of doom (2011, Marc Rohnstock) 127’ V.O.S.A.Amb la presència de Marc Rohnstock.

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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