Ota, Kobayashi and Nagai have built an android to be presented at a robotics fair. A few days after being exhibited, their creation unfortunately falls out of a window. With no time to build a new robot, they can only think up one solution to avoid losing: hiring someone to get inside the remains of the robot. Their “best” candidate is Suzuki, an old man who feels enthusiastic given the possibility of having an activity to kill time. Vital and hilarious, Robo-Jî is the return of Shinobu Yaguchi after a four year absence, and has already been acclaimed as one of the great comedies of the year.


Shinobu Yaguchi

He started off filming in 8mm in college, in Tokyo. He began his professional activity in the early nineties with his first feature film, Down the Drain (93). Since then, he’s directed films like Waterboys (05).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Japanese