de Juhn Jai-hong



It all begins as if we were dealing with a spy story. A man works crossing the border between the two Koreas, taking anything he’s asked to transport with him. Everything starts to have the feel of a melodrama until one of his assignments is to take a woman, the girlfriend of a high-ranking North Korean official. Halfway between Seoul and Piongyan, the film also takes place between the persecution of North Korean spies and the drama that is characteristic of those who are running away. A movie from the director of Beautiful with a screenplay by one of the Korean film greats: Kim Ki-duk


Juhn Jai-hong

He graduated from Webster University with a degree in Business Studies. He then started out in cinema with the short film Colors (05), but he took the definitive big leap hand in hand with Kim Ki-duk, working for him as assistant director on Time (06). He debuted in feature length film with Beautiful (08).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: Korean