Based on a true story, F tells the tale of Robert Anderson, a high school teacher. Robert is not exactly a role model, but must become an unexpected hero. A school comes under siege and Robert suspects that it might happen again. His predictions come true on a night of extreme violence. With classes over and the lights off, the few members who still remain in the school see a group of hooligans attack the academic bunker. A hoodie acquires the echoes of the suit of a villain, who hides his face, and the school’s dark hallways are the seeds of terror.


Johannes Roberts

Cambridge, 1976. Holder of a filmography committed to genre, Roberts debuted with Hellbreeder (03) and drew attention with When Evil Calls (06), a mini-series made for mobile phones.  In Sitges this year we will also see his Storage 24 (12).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Special Session
Original language: English