With a strong taste for genre, Antiviral seems to have appeared from the universe, so prone to the new flesh, of David Cronenberg. Young Brandon didn’t hesitate to contemplate himself in his father’s eyes and, in his debut movie, he’s presented us with a world of futuristic tinges and hospital-white tones. Syd works as a salesman for a clinic that sells viruses harvested in celebrities’ skin. Determined to make some extra money, the boy, who also engages in illegal sales, will wind up deeply involved in a network of conspiracies. Skin, blood and lots of flesh, in a film with critical traces. Like father, like son.


Brandon Cronenberg

In 2012, he won the award for best new director in Sitges for Antiviral. In 2019, he premiered the short film Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You at the Cannes Critics' Week.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English