Leave Britney alone!” This sentence, shouted out on YouTube by a wounded, irate boy seeing the rebuke his idol Britney Spears was receiving, became a slogan that spread over the supersonic speed network. The object of all kinds of tributes, parodies and remixes, it is one of the most famous viral phenomena on Internet and it made its author, Chris Crocker, a prominent network figure. A famous 2.0, addicted to displaying snippets of his life in public, whose complex personality is the object of a study in this documentary, an analysis of a totally new model of unreal and potentially combustible fame.


Chris Mourkabel i Valerie Veatch

With World Trade Center (06), a short film that reproduces the screenplay from Oliver Stone’s movie that was leaked over the Internet, Moukarbel laid the foundations of a career revolving around performance in the Internet era. Identity and technology are also Veatch’s interests, a young filmmaker who is already preparing her next documentary, Love Child.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - No Ficció
Original language: English