Sound of my Voice

de Zal Batmanglij



Peter and Lorna prepare for the occasion. One evening they get into a car, blindfolded, scantily dressed in a piece of white cloth. They put all their belongings aside and go down to a closed place. Once all the formal presentations have been made, they don’t know where they are, but do know who they’re with: the have managed to infiltrate a sect, headed by the mysterious Maggie. Following in the wake of his friend Mike Cahill (Another Earth), Zal Batmanglij debuts with a film that’s halfway between indie cinema and intrigue, a tense thriller with the Sundance brand.


Zal Batmanglij

He studied Anthropology at Georgetown University, where he began his career in film making shorts. In 2004 he moved to Los Angeles with two friends, Mike Cahill (Another Earth) and Brit Marling, with whom he founded a production company. He made a name for himself with the short film The Recordist (07).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: English