Piranha 3DD

de John Gulager


We know that Sitges usually indicates, for many, the end of summer. That’s why this year we’d like to say goodbye to the season in style with a movie full of splashes, bikinis, party... and blood. Extoling the mischievous philosophy that Alexandre Aja applied to his remake of the Joe Dante classic, Piranha 3DD moves the plague of carnivorous fish to a waterpark. Taking them on we’ll find a cast full of fresh flesh and famous faces like Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and a David Hasselhoff who’ll have to put everything he learned in Baywatch to good use.


John Gulager

New York, 1957. Actor, director and cinematographer, he has a successful career as a child actor. In 2005 he made his directorial debut, Feast. Its superb reception brought about two sequels, both done by Gulager himself.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English