After School Midnighters

de Hitoshi Takekiyo


When night falls... everything is possible. Monsters come out and ghosts prepare to sing and dance. They are the kings of the dance floor, and they invade the placid space of a school, its hallways and its rooms. Three girls decide to play some pranks at school once it’s closed. What they find there is a surprise party and, far from being intimidated, they will cause a bit of trouble for all the little monsters on the loose. A delight for the whole family, loaded with humor and imagination, combining horror stories with a children’s universe.


Hitoshi Takekiyo

He began his career in advertising. As a director he did the sixth episode of the series Appleseed XIII (11) and the short film After School Midnight (07), which served as inspiration for his first feature length film, Hôkago middonaitâzu, which he made from his company Koo-ki.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Sitges Family
Original language: Japanese