de Park Jeong-Woo


One morning, Korea awakes to some disturbing news. Corpses have been found in different rivers around the country. They all exhibit similar symptoms, with the body horribly dislocated and dehydrated. As the hours go by, more and more people start to feel a disproportionate thirst which leads them to hurl themselves into the water, where they die. There is no longer any doubt: the country is being ravaged by an epidemic, caused by a parasite that uses the human body as a host. Yeon-ga-si is an ambitious and fast-paced scientific thriller, intensely dramatic in the portrayal of its main character and incisive in its denunciation of the terrible schemings of pharmaceutical companies.


Park Jeong-Woo

Starting off in cinema as a writer, his screenplays drew the attention of Korean audiences because of his combination of genre elements with biting social critique. These characteristics have been maintained in his three works behind the camera: Dance with the Wind (04), Big Bang (07) and Yeon-ga-si.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Casa Àsia
Original language: Korean