American Mary

de Jen & Sylvia Soska


Mary is a medical student buried under a mountain of doubts. On the verge of bankruptcy and disenchanted with the academic world, she goes into the world of illegal surgery. Suddenly, she finds herself surrounded by clientele made up of performance artists willing to pay any price to modify their body beyond what is permitted by law. It won’t be long before Mary realizes that her new profession is leaving an indelible mark on her psyche; an incision much deeper than the ones she performs on her “patients”. Bizarre and bloody, American Mary is the confirmation of the Soska sisters’ perverse talent.


Jen & Sylvia Soska

Directors, producers, screenwriters and actresses, these two Canadian twin sisters have made movies like American Mary (12) and See No Evil 2 (14).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English