de Marçal Forès


Pol, a teenager who lives with his brother and studies at a British high school, has a secret: an affectionate teddy bear that thinks and moves and with which he shares his favorite moments. His life goes by normally until the arrival at school of Ikari, an enigmatic student who fascinates Pol. An inexplicable death and a series of strange events turn their peaceful student life into a fantastic adventure that will absorb the protagonists. An up-and-coming short film talent, Forés premieres with this film that’s halfway between the children’s universe of imagination and the adult world of reason and the discovery of sexual drive.


Marçal Forès

Barcelona, 1981. He graduated from the ESCAC and the National Film & Television School, specializing in fiction direction. He made a name for himself in the short film world with Yeah Yeah Yeah (04) and Friends Forever (07) and has now taken the big leap to feature length with Animals.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Galas
Original language: English, Catalan