El alucinante mundo de Norman

de Sam Fell i Chris Butler


Being a youngster with personality has its inconveniences. And that’s the case with Norman, whose parents can’t understand why he spends so much time drawing monsters, whose sister is everything he isn’t and whose schoolmates treat him contemptuously. To top it all off, on occasions, Norman sees the dead. The creators of Coraline return to the fold with this movie of dark tones, little monsters everywhere and a town reminiscent of the sealed off world of Edward Scissorhands, where Norman, the displaced person of the community, will rise up as a hero thanks to his paranormal power (or sentence).


Sam Fell i Chris Butler

Butler has worked as an animator or as a storyboard artist. He worked, among others, on Coraline (09) and the Corpse Bride (05); ParaNorman is his directorial debut. Fell has made animation shorts and feature films, among them the outstanding Flushed Away (06) and The Tale of Despereaux (08).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Sitges Family
Original language: English