The Truth of Lie

de Roland Reber


The Author is holding two women prisoner, the Courageous and the Indecisive. His goal is to take them to the limit of their physical and psychological resistance, torturing them in the most diverse ways. But his methods are, for the moment, inefficient. Under pressure from his Publisher, the Writer will come up with increasingly more bizarre tortures, in what seems to be a morbid race against the clock. Roland Reber continues to stir up our consciences from the limits of underground approaching, on this occasion, the boggy moral waters that Pascal Laugier already explored in Martyrs.


Roland Reber

After finishing his acting studies, he worked as an actor, a writer and a director in theaters in Dusseldorf, Zurich, Kingston or New Delhi. He has written over twenty plays and movie screenplays. In Sitges he presented the feature length films 24/7 The Passion of Life (05) and Angels with Dirty Wings (09).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Oficial Noves Visions - Dark
Original language: German