New World

de Park Hoon-jung


With the top mafia capo dead, a war is unleashed to take his place. In the middle of it all is Ja-sung, an agent who’s been undercover for years. Chief of police Kang wants to use all the information he can get to finally put an end to the mafia. Tired of his job, Ja-sung will be forced to pick a side. The name Park Hoon-jung already stood out for his screenplays; now you can underline it, because with this non-stop thriller indicates he’s also a weighty director. 


Park Hoon-jung

Known especially for his work as a screenwriter, Park signed the text for I Saw the Devil (10) and The Unjust (10). In 2011 he debut as a director with Showdown.

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Focus Àsia
Original language: Korean