Monsoon Shootout

de Amit Kumar


To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question. At least for Adi, a young cop on his first day at work. The decision will have a moral character and the price he’ll have to pay will be extremely high. We are in a Mumbai battered by the intense monsoon rains. A low-life Mumbai. Of aggressive gangsters and prostitutes. Neon lights and dark, dirty streets. A violent thriller, far from the sparkle of Bollywood.


Amit Kumar

He studied cinema in Pune and his graduation short won him a grant in the Chicago Artists International Programme. He picked up several awards for his short film The Bypass (04) and has worked as an assistant for directors like Asif Kapadia and Florian Gallenberger.

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Hindi