de Brian de Palma


Christine and Isabelle work at the same company. Christine makes the most of her colleague’s weakness and shamelessly steals her ideas. Things change when Isabelle proves that she’s not the little lamb she appeared to be and seduces one of Christine’s lovers. The war between the two of them is unleashed. Passion, based on a film by Alain Corneau, can only end up in De Palma territory: sophisticated violence, sensuality and the game of points of view.


Brian de Palma

Newark, 1940. He studied Physics, but soon turned his career towards cinema, inspired above all by Alfred Hitchcock’s work. One of the most important contemporary directors, he is famous for, among others, Carrie (76), The Untouchables (87), Mission: impossible (96) and Femme Fatale (02).

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: English and others