Four high school friends have reached their twenties with more than one vicissitude. Chuwon is an athlete; Gurim is cool, always surrounded by women that he appears to be indifferent to; Desung is in love with a friend’s mother; and Seowon is a brilliant student who’s suffering from cancer. Director Lee Sang-woo validates himself with this touching film on sex, love and the transition to adulthood.


Lee Sang-woo

A University of California, Berkeley graduate, he debuted with Tropical Manila (08). Films like Mother Is a Whore (09) and Father Is a Dog (10) have made him one of the goriest portraitist of life in Korea. 

Technical information

SOUTH KOREA, 2015DirectorLee Sang-wooProducerNa Yong-kuk ScreenplayLee Sang-wooCinematographyKim Min-soo

CastSeo Jun-young, Baek Sung-hyun

Edition: 2015
Section: Noves Visions Plus
Original language: Korean