La bruja (The Witch)

de Robert Eggers



17th century New England. A family tries to move ahead in the midst of a harsh environment. But something dark appears to be stalking them: a baby disappears in the blink of an eye, their goat begins to give blood instead of milk... and they all feel like they’ve been cursed. With its stylized appearance and austere approach to genre, The Witch is, since its huge success at Sundance, one of the bloodcurdling sensations of the year.


Robert Eggers

Born in New England and a Brooklyn resident, Eggers started off in theater, directing several classic plays. His career as a short film director and art director has led to his debut movie, The Witch, for which he picked up the award for best director at Sundance.

Technical information

UNITED STATES / CANADA, 2015DirectorRobert Eggers ProducersJay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen, Jodi Redmond, Daniel Bekerman, Rodrigo Teixeira ScreenplayRobert EggersCinematographyJarin BlaschkeSpecial effectsMax MacDonaldCastAnya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson

Edition: 2015
Section: Opening Film
Original language: English