While a politician is accused of being responsible for a housing project tragedy where fifteen people died, in Buenos Aires different stories intersect, all based on urban legends and where men and women will wind up coming face to face with their inner demons. Sex, violence and chaos come together in the original structure of Terror 5.  


Sebastián Rotstein, Federico Rotstein

Sebastián (1973) is a director and screenwriter; Federico (1983) is an editor and director. After years of working separately, the two brothers joined forces to make their debut film, Terror 5. 

Technical information

ARGENTINA, 2016DirectorSebastian Rotstein, Federico Rotstein

ProducersDaniel Werner, Sebastian Perillo, Sebastian Rotstein, Federico Rotstein

ScreenplaySebastian Rotstein

CinematographyMarcelo Lavintman

WithLu Grasso, Augusto Alvárez

Edition: 2016
Section: Panorama - Blood Window
Original language: Spanish