Higanjima: Vampire Island (Higanjima: Deluxe)

de Takeshi Watanabe



During the Second World War, the Japanese army performed a series of experiments. The result was the vampire Miyabi, who now lives on Higanjima island with all sorts of dreadful creatures. Akira, a teen searching for his missing brother, ventures deep into the island and, with the aid of a master, will train to be able to stand up to the immortal Miyabi. An adaptation of K?ji Matsumoto’s manga, Higanjima promises a cavalcade of fangs and monsters.


Takeshi Watanabe

Born in 1965 in the Aichi prefecture, he studied at Tokyo Visual Arts. He debuted with Kyoju Luger P08 (94), and his filmography includes works like the Neko Samurai saga.

Technical information

JAPAN, 2016

DirectorTakeshi Watanabe

Action SupervisorKenji Tanigaki

WithShunya Shiraishi,  Ryohei Suzuki

Edition: 2016
Section: Midnight X-Treme – Special Sessions
Original language: Japanese