Operation Mekong

de Dante Lam



Found along the Mekong River is the so-called Golden Triangle, one of the biggest drug providers in the world. The Chinese government instructs Ko to investigate the appearance of thirteen dead bodies and a drug shipment in the river. Meanwhile, Fong, an intelligence agent, is on the trail of a dreaded drug lord. The two of them will have to work together, but one of them harbors a secret.


Dante Lam

Actor, producer and action choreographer, he debuted as a director with Option Zero (97). He’s directed Beast Cops (98), Hit Team (01), The Sniper (09), The Stool Pigeon (10) and That Demon Within (14), among others.

Technical information

CHINA / HONG KONG, 2016DirectorDante Lam

ScreenplayCheung Fei-fan, Mak Tin-shu, He Liangyu, Yang Jiang

CinematographyFung Yuen-man

Special EffectsChi Shui-tim, Chi Sui-wah, Chan Shing, Fung Chi-shing, Tang Tai-wo

WithWu Wanfeng, Shi Zhanjie

Edition: 2016
Section: Òrbita
Original language: Mandarin