Las tinieblas

de Daniel Castro Zimbrón


The Earth has stopped spinning and days no longer go by. A dense, toxic fog covers the forest where Argel has always lived with his two siblings, locked inside the cellar of an old cabin. They believe there’s a wild beast outside. When his older brother disappears, Argel has to break the order he’s grown up with and little by little, he’ll begin to discover the secrets that both his father and the forest have hidden from him.


Daniel Castro Zimbrón

Studied at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica and created his own company, Varios Lobos. Director, screenwriter and film editor, he’s made different shorts, series and documentaries, and the feature films Táu (12) and The Darkness.

Technical information

FRANCE / MEXICO, 2016DirectorDaniel Castro Zimbrón

ProducerPablo Zimbrón Alva

ScreenplayDaniel Castro Zimbrón, Denis Languérand, David Pablos

CinematographyDiego Garcia

WithBrontis Jodorowsky, Aliocha Sotnikoff Ramos

Edition: 2016
Section: Official Fantàstic - Special Screenings
Original language: Spanish