de Nacho Vigalondo


Gloria loves to go out... and drink. One day, she decides to stop and return to her hometown, where she re-friends Oscar, who runs a bar. The change doesn’t go beyond mere intention: Gloria spends her nights at Oscar’s place getting wasted until closing time. But this is a Vigalondo movie. And that’s why no one should be surprised that one day, Gloria wakes up to the news that a monster is terrorizing Seoul.


Nacho Vigalondo

Cabezón de la Sal, 1977. The Academy Award nomination for his short film 7:35 in the Morning  (03) was simply the confirmation of a talent that has gone on to be refined in small movies with extremely low budgets and optimum results. He debuted in feature-length films with Timecrimes (07).

Technical information

CANADA, 2016

DirectorNacho Vigalondo

ProducersNahikari Ipiña, Nicolas Chartier, Zev Foreman, Dominic Rustam, Russell Levine, Shawn Williamson

ScreenplayNacho Vigalondo

CinematographyEric Kress

WithAnne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis

Edition: 2016
Section: Official Fantàstic - Special Screenings
Original language: English and others