Jack and Su are a New York couple who, faced with the fear that their technological addiction might destroy their love, decide to spend their vacation in a cabin in the woods, far away from civilization, relay towers and WhatsApp notifications. However, Jack and Su will wind up wishing they had reception, at least to find out that aliens have invaded the Earth.


Alex Fischer & Eleanor Wilson

Both of them had directed short films such as Snowy Bing Bongs (Hudson Fischer and Rachel Wolther, 17) and Possum (Eleanor Wilson, 13) before presenting their debut feature film, Save Yourselves! at the latest Sundance Festival.

Technical information

USA. 2020

93 min

Directors Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson

Screenwriters Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson

Cinematography Matt Clegg

Editor Sofi Marshall

With Sunita Mani, John Reynolds, Ben Sinclair

Edition: 2020
Section: Special Session
Original language: English