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7th Sitges Week in Buenos Aires

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This will be the 7th time that the SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia will be landing at Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires, the most important film market on the Latin American continent.


As a part of Blood Window, the INCCA National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts' program to promote genre films, 5 of the most outstanding titles from the 56th edition of the Sitges Film Festival will be screened, including, of course, this year's winner of the Award for Best Feature Film in the Official Selection (and Órbita/Blood Window), a new cult phenomenon in its native Argentina, which will also be attended by its director and screenwriter, Demián Rugna, and by its producers, Fernando Díaz and Rozana Ramos, for the presentation of the film's screening.














Tickets can be purchased from the 27/11, from 12:00 to 22:30, at the box office of the Gaumont cinema. So, from November 30 to December 4, the following greatest hits will be screened at the "Gaumont - Espacio INCAA" cinema in Buenos Aires:


Thursday 30/11 - 7:30 pm: When Evil Lurks'
(Argentina, 2023)
Dir.: Demián Rugna.

In a remote village, two brothers discover a man who is infected by evil forces and on the verge of giving birth to a demon. Desperate to prevent evil from entering their peaceful world, the brothers discover the terrible truth: it is already too late. The new film from the director behind Terrified (2017) promises to keep us glued to our seats with a tense and unnerving tale of demonic possessions.


Friday 01/12 - 7:30 pm: The Wait'
(Spain, 2023)
Dir.: F. Javier Gutiérrez.

In the Andalusian mountains, the caretaker at an estate accepts a bribe from a hunter without knowing that, in doing so, he will initiate a macabre descent to hell during which guilt will be his worst enemy. Rural horror and intimate fantasy come together in a raw and merciless film, where F. Javier Gutiérrez advocates native folk horror with a brilliant mise-en-scene.


Previous screening of the short film 'Eyestring', directed by Javier Devitt (Argentina, 2023):

With a mysterious thread growing out of her eye and questionable advice from a hotline phone service, Veronica embarks on a bizarre quest for answers.


Saturday 02/12 - 7:30 pm: 'Acide'
(France, 2023)
Dir.: Just Philippot.

In the middle of a heat wave, some strange clouds begin to release acid rain, causing devastation and panic all over France. In a world on the brink of the abyss, a young girl and her divorced parents must join forces to try to escape this climatic catastrophe. The director of the award-winning film in Sitges, The Swarm, returns with a new display of eco-terror that depicts a terrifyingly real dystopian world.

Previous screening of the short film 'La otra hermana', directed by  Abril Dores & Malena Martins Yanz (Argentina, 2023):

Lucy arrives home convinced that she will be all alone. Little does she know that something is waiting for her.


Sunday 03/12 - 7:30 pm: 'Vincent Must Die'
(France, 2023)
Dir.: Stéphan Castang.


Vincent starts to find himself under attack by strangers with clear homicidal intentions. His existence as an ordinary man is upended and, as things get violently out of control and the phenomenon intensifies, he's forced to flee and change his life completely. A raw and groundbreaking debut that is in line with the new wave of French horror.


Monday 04/12 - 7:30 pm: 'Sleep'
(Corea del Sur, 2023)
Dir. Jason Yu.

A pregnant woman becomes concerned about her husband's sleeping habits. What starts out as light sleepwalking soon escalates into surprisingly threatening and grotesque behavior. After consulting a sleep clinic but to no avail, the couple desperately seeks the help of a shaman. Claustrophobic and domestic horror in one of the great sensations at the past Cannes Critics' Week.

Previous screening of the short film 'Cuentos Excepcionales de un Equipo Juvenil Femenino: Las Rojas', directed by  Tom Espinoza (Argentina/Venezuela, 2023):

Carmen practices Vaulting (artistic gymnastics with horses) and maintains a tense relationship with her colleagues and trainer, who introduce her to a bizarre rite.