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Coming Soon

Live Pitch Session

Coming Soon is a section for the presentation of horror, science fiction or fantasy films. An event focused both on projects in the last stages of development, and finished films in search of support (financing, distribution, promotion, etc.). Coming Soon is a selection of the upcoming Catalan, Spanish and Latin American productions of imminent appearance. In this session, a live pitch will be made for each project, and the trailers and pitch will be presented.

Selected projects 2023
  • Cold Light (Luna), George Karja
  • Shit Happens And Miracles Too, Máncel Martínez Ramos & Cristhian Pinto
  • The Kirlian Frequency - The Movie, Cristian Ponce
  • Cyborg Generation, Miguel Morillo
  • Pensamiento Lateral, Mariano Huetter
  • Deviant, Daniel M. Caneiro

More information about the selected projects 2023

Introduced by:
Mònica García Massagué

Mònica García Massagué