Producers Meet Producers is a mentoring initiative where senior producers sponsor a group of 10 junior producers over the course of an entire year. This event combines personal coaching with a networking event where all of the guests participate. 

The program is developed by PAC (Productors Audiovisuals de Catalunya – Audiovisual Producers of Catalonia) and Nivell 10 in collaboration with the Festival, which becomes a meeting venue for these pairs and a place to present the first results of their collaboration. 

During its three editions, 35 pairs of senior and junior producers have emerged from the Producers Meet Producers initiative. 


The call will remian available until August the 15th
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• To bring visibility to the role of the producer.

• To be a useful tool for the participating audiovisual entrepreneurs in order for the encounter to lead to a continuation during approximately one year.

• To establish a yearly place for producers to meet and create synergies.

• To bring emerging talent needing a boost closer to practicing professionals, in order to get established as professionals and/or as a company.

• To strengthen the existing network of producers in order to generate industry.

Who can participate?

• Producers of all formats (cinema, television, art-house films, transmedia, cross-media, multiplatform, etc.).

• Producers who haven’t participated in previous editions.

• Established production companies that wish to change genre and/or format but have no previous experience in this new field.

• Production companies that haven’t produced more than one feature length film.

• Production companies duly constituted as partnerships.


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