Sitges Industry Hub Catalan Films & TV Online

Sitges Industry Hub - Catalan Films & TV Online is the online version of the traditional Sitges Film Hub section that each year is held during our festival. A program that creates and develops initiatives aimed at professionals from the audiovisual industry, and it makes possible for them to meet and collaborate with national and international profiles.
In this edition, the Sitges Film Hub joins the hybrid format of the festival, in which online and face-to-face activities are carried out and where we will count with an online platform for professionals where you will be able to improve your contacts and business and learn about new projects in the audiovisual field.


What will you find in the platform?

· The chance to meet new contacts through our Professionals Attending list.
· Meet the accredited professionals of the Festival.
· Arrange video calls and “one to one” meetings through our platform.
· Watch online our main masterclasses and round tables.
· Check new projects from other producers and film makers. 
· Learn about the main institutions’ activities and presence in the international markets.
     --This platform does not include film screening--

Who can use this platform?


All Industry-type accredited, both in the Online and Onsite modalities, do not need to register at this site. You will receive an e-mail invitation to register to the professional platform for free, starting on September 28th

In addition, this year the Festival offers the option to register only to the Sitges Industry Hub - Catalan Films & TV Online platform at a reduced price of 15€, without the need of being accredited to the Festival.

The access to the Sitges Industry Hub Catalan Films & TV Online registration is intended only for professionals actively working in the cinema industry: producers, distributors, cinematographers, film festivals and institutions representatives, investors, buyers and sales.

Ready to register? Please, fill in the form through the link below and we will evaluate your request in order to grant you the registration. We will inform you if you are suitable for the platform’s purpose within the next few days.

Registration Form: Sitges Industry Hub - Catalan Films & TV Online