After receiving the visit of a mysterious individual, all the books in a specialized bookstore disappear and hundreds of volumes simply entitled 1 appear in their place. A detective becomes obsessed with solving an enigma that could finish off humanity and confines all suspects in the Reality Defense Institute. Based on the essay ‘One Human Minute’ by Stanislaw Lem, Pater Sparrow’s first film is an abstract, hypnotic, intriguing science fiction piece, with an outstanding production design and where sentences by Béla Hamvas find their place among Barbarella posters and stock footage.


Pater Sparrow (Zoltán Verebes)

Budapest, Hungary, 1978. A London Film School graduate, he specialized in production design and is the director of several short films. He debuted in cinema with 1, winner of several awards at the Hungarian Film Week.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves visions - Discovery
Original language: Hungarian