Lesbian Vampire Killers

de Phil Claydon



After losing their girlfriend and job, respectively, Jimmy and Flecht decide to take a trip to the remote village of Cragwich, where a chance meeting leads them to share accommodations with a group of beautiful female students. They never thought they would ever be this fortunate, and Lady Luck still hasn’t smiled on them: the village’s specialty are lesbian vampires. A title that’s as explicit as they come for this revved up horror comedy featuring two popular British television actors and that combines the story of Carmilla with diverse nods to Hammer, funny jokes, a comic book appearance and heart-stopping curves. Irresistible.


Phil Claydon

An International Film School of Wales graduate, when he was just twenty-four he directed Alone (02), a horror thriller nominated for the British Independent Film Awards and the award-winning short film Championship. Lesbian Vampire Killers is his second feature film

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: SOFP - British Focus
Original language: English