Solomon Kane

de Michael J. Bassett



If Robert E. Howard’s novels about Conan fascinated millions of readers, he’s not the author’s only character to be kept in mind. So Puritan Solomon Kane, a crusader against the forces of evil, was crying out to be adapted for the big screen. And so a true globetrotting producer like Samuel Hadida (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Silent Hill) and an old Sitges acquaintance like Michael J. Basset (Deathwatch) have achieved an epic with certain elements from Witchfinder General, Hellboy, Van Helsing and, of course,  Conan, with brilliant art direction, fabulous trick photography  and a James Purefoy who confirms the charisma he radiates in the show Rome.


Michael J. Bassett

A UK native, he became interested in zoology and photography before deciding on cinema. Deathwatch (02), his first film, that he also wrote the screenplay for, won the Silver Méliès Award at the Espoo Ciné festival and competed at Sitges’02. His following film was Wilderness (06).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English