Book of Blood

de Jon Harris



“The dead have highways, highways that lead to intersections, and intersections that spill into our world. If you find yourself at one of those intersections you should stop and you should listen because the dead have stories to tell”. This is how a battered Simon begins to narrate his experience in the Tolling house, a haunted building he arrives at to help with an investigation being carried out by an authoress who’s an expert in paranormal subjects. Finely stringing together two stories from ‘Books of Blood’, John Harrison delves confidently into the extreme universe of Clive Barker, recreating an atmosphere of pure terror where perverse realities, wet dreams and hair-raising visions all come together one after another.


Jon Harris

A George A. Romero collaborator and composer of some of his scores, he has had a long career in television, a medium he’s worked in both as a director and a screenwriter. His big screen debut came with Tales From the Darkside: The Movie (90).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Sitges Especials
Original language: English