• 01-10-2009
      • 22:30
      • Auditori Meliá Sitges
      • 85



It’s been a while since Manuela Velasco, filmed with night vision texture while she was being dragged away into the darkness, left us with our hearts in our mouths. Two impatient years have gone by for us. For the movie, only fifteen minutes. That’s the point where [·Rec]2 begins: with the SWAT team prepared to enter the devastated, plastic-covered apartment building. The time has come for answers, to see what kind of experiments were done in the attic of that building in the Eixample neighborhood, to find out if the intrepid reporter died... Or not. Plaza and Balagueró not only put an end to all the mysteries, but also achieve the impossible: to maintain the tension higher than ever.


Jaume Balagueró i Paco Plaza

Festival regulars, Balagueró (Lleida) debuted with The Nameless (99) and continued with Darkness (02), Fragile (05) and To Let (06); Plaza (Valencia) debuted with Second Name (Silver Méliès Award winner at Sitges ’02) and continued with Romasanta, the Werewolf Hunt (04) and The Christmas Tale (06). Together they make OT: The Movie (02) and [·Rec] (07).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Opening Film
Original language: Spanish