Mary and Max

de Adam Elliot



Mary is a little Australian girl with an absent father and an alcoholic mother. Max is a lonely, obsessive man, devoured by the gigantic New York. Neither of the two have any friends, until one day chance leads them to start a beautiful correspondence. Mary and Max confirms that animated cinema is not just a kid thing: loneliness, ocher-colored clay, very black humor, and lots of mischievous intentions at the service of a film that, at first glance, appears to follow the lines of the good-natured Amélie, but that soon dives, with the voices of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Eric Bana, into the stimulating and dark domains of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland.



Adam Elliot

Born in 1972, this Australian animation director studied this field at the Victorian College of the Arts, where he made his first short film, Uncle (96). It was followed by Cousin (98) and Brother (99). He won an Academy Award with Harvie Krumet (03). Mary and Max is his first feature film.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: English