The Children

de Tom Shankland



More than thirty years ago, our dear Chicho (Ibañez Serrador) asked us/himself Who Can Kill a Child?, and now it’s Tom Shankland (WAZ; Sitges’07) who appears to have passed this question on to the main characters of his apocalyptic The Children, two couples, four children and a budding Lolita, who come up with the really bad idea of spending New Year’s Eve in a remote house in the mountains. Children, as we all know, catch everything, and what these little cherubs are going to catch is a mysterious virus that will make the term of endearment ‘little devils’ a bloody reality. A savage Christmas card loaded with tension and irony.


Tom Shankland

Director and screenwriter, nominated for BAFTA awards twice consecutively for his short films Bait (99) and Going Down (00), he has done a lot of work in television and debuted in feature films with WAZ (07). The Children is his second movie.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English