Family, an infinite source of happiness, can also be one of misfortunes, and the family starring in Orphan seems destined to the second. Finding themselves in a difficult situation, a stillborn baby, the mother’s alcoholism and the youngest daughter’s deafness, the Colemans believe they’ve finally found the stability they need when they adopt a fifth member. The bad thing is that problems only attract more problems and with Esther, the foster child, they’re going to have another one and it’s going to be huge. As if this diabolic girl’s past wasn’t dark enough, her present is going to be a living hell for her new family. One thing’s for sure: after Joshua, Vera Farmiga has more than earned the award for mother of the year.


Jaume Collet-Serra

Barcelona, 1974. He moved to Los Angeles to begin work as a film editor and direct music videos and commercials for important brand names. In 2005 he debuted in feature films with House of Wax, produced by Joel Silver, and in 2007 he returned to Spain to make Goal II: Living the Dream. Orphan is his third movie.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English