First Squad (Faasuto Sukuwaddo)

de Yoshiharu Ashino Misha Shprits i Aljosha Klimov



In 1942, Germany’s combat with Russia seems to have no end and both countries start to develop units specializing in magic and the occult. Nadya, a young medium, becomes the Russian army’s best weapon to swing ‘the moment of truth’ in their favor, the decisive second when a battle is either won or lost. The new film from the Studio 4°C production company places the fantasy of the best anime at the disposal of an original project that combines the childhood memories of two Russian creative designers with the darkest and most speculative side of one of the Second World War’s bloodiest fights.


Yoshiharu Ashino

He has worked on numerous animation productions and is a member of the team of artists at Studio 4 °C. He debuted as a filmmaker with the series Tweeny Witches (04).

Misha Shprits i Aljosha Klimov

Both Art Academy of Munich graduates, Shprits has worked as a designer and Klimov as a painter and graphic artist. First Squad is their first movie together.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Anima't
Original language: Russian, German