Visage (Face)

de Tsai Ming-liang


A Taiwanese director prepares a film at the French Louvre. Its leads? One of the most important actors in the history of French cinema –Jean-Pierre Léaud- and a model the producers want to use to turn it into a box office hit. In the middle of the shoot, the director finds out his mother has died. Visage, Tsai Ming-liang’s French film, is an open, heartfelt tribute to François Truffaut where, nonetheless, the hallmarks of the director of The Wayward Cloud are still present. Floridity, a sumptuous visual universe and contemporary solitudes for a movie that celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of nouvelle vague.


Tsai Ming-liang

Malaysia, 1957. He moved to Taiwan to go to college. After working in theater and making several TV movies, he wrote his first feature film: Rebels of the Neon God (92). He has participated in festivals like Berlin, Cannes or Venice. Select filmography: Vive l’Amour (94), The Hole (98) and Good Bye, Dragon Inn (03).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: French, Chinese