• 11-10-2009
      • 13:00
      • Auditori Meliá Sitges
      • 105

Ghostbusters (Los Cazafantasmas)

de Ivan Reitman



With two of Saturday Night Live’s strong men in the lead (Aykroyd and Murray, who were beginning to forge their legend) and the talented Harold Ramis (who would later go on to be the director and screenwriter of Groundhog Day) in the rearguard,  Ghostbusters was destined to be one of the comedies of the year. A catchy song, a possessed Sigourney Weaver, an endearing ghost and an anthological uniform –with homemade weapons hanging down their backs—all contributed to the success of a film that would inflate until reaching dimensions that were worthy of the giant figure the leading men were fighting against. A bedside movie, for lovers of fantasy and ear shattering laughter.


Ivan Reitman

Producer and director, he’s worked both in film and television, above all making comedies. In the decade of the eighties he filmed some of the big blockbusters in this genre. Some of the most outstanding: Meatballs (79), Twins (88) and the sequel to Ghostbusters (89).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: SC - Tribute to the 80's
Original language: English