In the Attic: Who has a birthday today? (Na Pude Aneb Kdo M)

de Jirí Barta



Solidarity among toys is more than proven. Toy Story is an example of it. In the Attic: Who Has A Birthday Today? also. History repeats itself: a kidnapped doll and a troop of stuffed bears, tin soldiers and Mr. Potatoheads determined to rescue her. The difference, however, is in the style, in a traditional animation that prefers clay and real objects to the computer and a range of grays and ocher colors instead of children’s coloring. The Czech animation prodigy Jirí Barta achieves the perfect balance between a eulogy to imagination, ideal for kids, and aesthetics close to David Lynch that will fascinate grown-ups.


Jirí Barta

Czech animation director born in 1948. Since 1993 he is a tutor at the Artistic-Industrial University of Prague. He’s worked in theater, advertising, and doing illustrations. As a director, he has won diverse awards.  Two of his outstanding works are The Pied Piper (86) and the short The Extinct World of Gloves (82).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Anima't
Original language: Czech