de Raya Martin



We’re in the Philippines in the early 20th century, at the prelude to the American occupation. A mother and her son escape to the mountains, where they meet a young girl. Years later, the family –now made up of the young girl, the boy and their son- lives cut off from the world. Meanwhile, a storm and the U.S. troops are approaching. Raya Martin, the prodigal son of Filipino cinema, has endowed this film gem with a beautiful black and white and a nostalgic sediment similar to My Winnipeg by Guy Maddin. Independencia delves deeply into Filipino history and does it through textures characteristic of period cinema. An aesthetic and moving delight. Caviar for film lovers.


Raya Martin

Manila, 1984. He studied cinema and after working in television, radio and different newspapers and magazines, he debuted in fictional feature film with A Short Film about the Indio Nacional (06). In Cannes he’s screened: Now Showing (08), Manila (09, co-director) and Independencia.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: Tagalog