Prepared to avenge the death of one of their colleagues, four not at all recommendable cops enter a building in ruins where a gang of criminals is in hiding. Trapped in the building, cops and criminals must join forces to face the unimaginable: a horde of furious zombies. There is no longer any doubt that the French have found the magic potion to make genre cinema re-emerge with uncommon rage. After the duo formed by Maury and Bustillo, Dahan and Rocher have now arrived with an explosive cocktail of film noir, action and horror, with no concessions and with many excellent influences. France is roaring.


Yannick Dahan i Benjamin Rocher

Both founders of the Capture the Flag Films production company, Rocher has worked as a computer graphics designer and is the creator of short films like Ticket-Land (02) and Rivoallan (07), the second co-directed with Dahan. La horde is their first feature film.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: French