A young couple, her pregnant, heads for Jakarta with a group of friends. A girl, who says she was robbed, asked them to drive her to her house, a remote mansion where she lives with her mother and two brothers. Not very given to subtleties, Indonesian horror cinema undergoes its definitive re-updating thanks to these two admirers of eighties slasher movies. Supernatural atmosphere, nods to Argento and the new batch of French cinema, extraordinary special effects and an actress, Daanish, whose icy face produces shivers. The last third of it, inundated with blood, is bound to be one of the most salvage experiences of the year. 


The MO Brothers (Timo Tjajanto i Kimo Stamboel)

They met in Australia while finishing their studies at the School of Visual Arts. They directed several shorts and the feature length film Macabre (09), seen in Sitges. Tjahjanto is also co-director of Safe Haven, a fragment of V/H/S/2 (13).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Indonesian