Malice in Wonderland

de Simon Fellows



The imaginative and zany Terry Gilliam was always fascinated by ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Simon Fellows, one of Gilliam’s most outstanding pupils, has taken Lewis Carroll’s novel to a terrain full of darkness, neon lights, and lots of vice. Malice in Wonderland follows the adventures of Alice, a law student who, after being hit by a car, wakes up in a strange territory. In it, she runs into all the characters from Carroll’s story, transformed into urban beings that look like they’re straight out of the movie Snatch. Dealers, taxi drivers and prostitutes come together in a land of visual wonders, intrigue and tons of fantasy.


Simon Fellows

British director. After directing the short Jump (00) he moved on to feature films with Blessed (04). Since then he’s made three thrillers: Seven Seconds (05), starring Wesley Snipes, Second in Command (06) and Until Death (07), with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: SOFP - British Focus
Original language: English